Perfect Cool Gadgets to Buy

A cool gadget is not only a gadget with a great design but also have a great function. To find a perfect gadget for yourself, you need to make sure that you do not only want it but also need it. Here are some of the perfect cool gadgets to buy.


IQON - cool gadgets to buy -
IQON – cool gadgets to buy –

For you who love to personalize your watch, IQON is the best choice. It provides anything you’ve been expecting will be in your personal watch. You can create your own design an make it more “you”. IQON will offer you about 5000 combinations you can choose. You can customize it based on your personality or your hobby, start from the dial to the strap.

Portable Scan Marker

Portable Scan Marker - cool gadgets to buy -
Portable Scan Marker – cool gadgets to buy –

This product is very useful for any students and worker because this portable scan marker will help people transfer any word or sentences from books to your digital device. To use this scan marker you just need to put it on any pages you want to scan and drag it over the text. It will capture and transfer the image to your PC or smartphones easily. You can also translate your data into over 40 languages by choosing the language that you need before scan your text. This gadget is not only cool, but also very useful.

Capsule Can-Shaped Projector

Capsule Can-Shaped Projector - cool gadgets to buy -
Capsule Can-Shaped Projector – cool gadgets to buy –

Nebula’s Capsule Can-Shaped Projector is perfect for any movie lovers. You can bring your personal cinema everywhere and enjoying watching a movie together with your friends or family. It has a speaker and displays technology that powered by DLP IntelliBright™. For watching a movie or streaming video, you can connect the Nebula’s Capsule Can-Shaped Projector to your smartphone. When it got fully charged, It can stay 4 hours nonstop video streaming or 30 hours of music.

Cool Gadgets to Buy Wearable Blood Sugar Monitor

Cool Gadgets to Buy Wearable Blood Sugar Monitor - cool gadgets to buy -
Cool Gadgets to Buy Wearable Blood Sugar Monitor – cool gadgets to buy –

This gadget will help you detect your glucose level. It has a small size and really wearable. It also waterproof so you can wear it while doing any activity, including swimming.  You can use it on the back of your upper arm and feel nothing because it really light, so you will not even notice that it’s there. The sensor is pair up with a small reader that will show you the tracking result. You can also see the result from an application that you can get from Play Store for Android user and Apple Store for iOS user. This wearable blood sugar monitor also hopefully will help the diabetes patient to know their glucose level.

Mark Drone

Mark Drone - cool gadgets to buy -
Mark Drone – cool gadgets to buy –

Don’t judge this drone by its size because Mark Drone has well known as a small drone that has capabilities as great as the big one. This Ultra-Intelligent Foldable Drone is perfect for you who love traveling while recording your journey. The tiny design will let you put it in your pocket so you can bring it anywhere. It can save its own footage and go back to you without relying on GPS. It also has well enough feature, such as fisheye camera, 13MP effective pixels, and 4K video recording.



Those are some of the cool gadgets to buy. Some of it was created for fun, meanwhile the other to help people. From the list above, which one you really want to have?

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