New Tech Gadgets You Need to Know

Every time technology gets to evolve, we will find another amazing idea that we might never think will come to reality. It can introduce the new concept of power saving, storage, display, and sound. For you who always willing to know about gadget trend, here some new tech gadget you really need to know.

Fitbit Versa Watch

Fitbit Versa Watch - new tech gadget -
Fitbit Versa Watch – new tech gadget –

Apple Watch now has an equal competitor. Fitbit Versa Watch is armed with super useful features, such as music library, Bluetooth, and also health tracking that you can use when you work out. It can also synchronize with your smartphone without cellular data. You can also use some of your smartphone features from this watch like texting and checking calendar or notifications. Fitbit is made for those who love the workout and have high mobility.

New Tech Gadget Nutale GPS

New Tech Gadget Nutale GPS - new tech gadget -
New Tech Gadget Nutale GPS – new tech gadget –

Nutale GPS is well known as the smallest and lightest live GPS tracker. It is compatible with any android and iOS and also has 30-day battery life. It has some important features, such as real-time GPS tracking, safety region, location records that will back up your footprints up to a month, SOS alert, and also group sharing. Nutale also has 30 days battery life and will give you alert when it needs to charge.

Plume Flow

Plume Flow - new tech gadget -
Plume Flow – new tech gadget –

For you who live in a polluted city, you might need to have this gadget. Plume Flow is a personal air quality tracker that will help you detect the most polluted place in your city by giving you information on a map by connecting it to your smartphone using its Bluetooth low energy. For you who love outdoor activity such as cycling or jogging, it will help you to find a place with clear air.  On a single charge, the battery can last 24 hours.

Cylindrical Smartphone

Cylindrical Smartphone - new tech gadget -
Cylindrical Smartphone – new tech gadget –

The first cylindrical smartphone, MagicScroll is might be the most unique and strange invention in this era. Developed by researchers at Queen’s University, this new product has stolen public attention through its shape and features. It can turn into 7.5-inch OLED display when you poke it so you can use it for texting, browsing, or watching videos. Even though it is not pretty functional, still it has a unique design and features that make people want to have it.

Smart Home Camera

Smart Home Camera - new tech gadget -
Smart Home Camera – new tech gadget –

Samsung Smart Home With Full HD 1080P Outdoor/Indoor Camera is made for those who need a security camera with a wide range for inside or outside their house. It will capture all the activities around the place where this camera put. It also can connect to your phone, so you can monitor your house from anywhere and anytime from your device. You just have to make sure that the camera always connects to the Wi-Fi.



Those are some new tech gadgets that you need to know. Those gadgets are invented to help people and facilitate their business. Some of it also very useful and hopefully can make people’s lives get easier than before. From those gadgets above, which one is your favorite?

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