5 Gadgets for Windows 10 Packages That You Can Download on Internet

Windows 10 comes with friendlier and more futuristic interface, but unfortunately, it missed the existence of gadgets for Windows 10 that helps us to do simple things such as taking note, checking the latest news, and understanding the time.

Even though the gadgets have been replaced with the Windows Store, but you know how wonderful it is to have the gadget that can be your little helper. You can install that gadget by using Google Search and type this gadget pack name:

1. 8GadgetPack

8GadgetPack – gadgets for windows 10 – news.softpedia.com

This gadget pack contains many popular gadgets on Windows. Some of the gadget errors that you commonly found before in the earlier version have been fixed in this gadget pack. You can see some the familiar gadgets like Drives Meter, Reminder, Currency, Calculator, etc.

Not only have the complete gadgets, but you can also delete the gadgets that you think unnecessary. And other good news from this gadget pack is, it is lack of error that might bother your work with Windows 10.

2. RainMeter

RainMeter – gadgets for windows 10 – alternativeto.net

If you are looking for a bunch of Windows Gadget that has an exciting look, then this is an answer for you. RainMeter has many gadgets that will make your windows ten looks more compact and more user-friendly.

Besides its look, the RainMeter also have the various gadget that can help you to work. So, that is also the reason why RainMeter has high download numbers in many application markets and even the sites.

3. Win10 Gadget: One of The Best Gadgets for Windows 10

Win10 Gadget: One of The Best Gadgets for Windows 10 – gadgets for windows 10 – windowsreport.com

This is another Win10 Gadget that can cater to many needs nowadays. The Win10 Gadget provides gadgets like WiFi, battery and also the music. So that, you can enjoy the entertainment in your laptop while you are doing your task there.

It also suits with the Windows 10 interface so don’t worry about the gadgets bothering the look of your desktop. However, the gadget doesn’t provide you the auto-update function so what you must do to get the update is to visit on the website.

4. Gadget Revived

Gadget Revived – gadgets for windows 10 – thewindowsclub.com

Gadgets Revived is not only a pack of the gadget. It is an installer that let you pick your gadget packages. The gadget revived contains many gadget packages for more than 16 categories. In every category, you will find the same kinds of gadget, so choose wisely your gadgets based on your needs.

You can find the gadgets that might help you in each category. The gadget that this installer provides is like Calculator, MusicRadio, Timers, Clipboard Manager, and also News Feed. Stay updated and productive with those useful gadgets.

5. XWidget

XWidget – gadgets for windows 10 – filecritic.com

Do you want to have a gadget that has good design and pro level of animation? You can choose the XWidget Windows 10 gadget pack that has an excellent interface and user experience. You can also arrange the transparency so that the gadgets will look so futuristic in your desktop.

Its responsive character will make you easier to control and to arrange those gadgets in your desktop. If you love simple and clean theme, this is a gadget that might suit you

Those are the gadgets for Windows 10 that you can easily search on the search engine and install safely to your Windows 10, and those are free for you. Amazing. Don’t forget to choose the gadgets that important for you so your desktop appearance will remain tidy.

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