The Best Gadgets a Student Must Have in The University Life

All the things are going digital now, and you cannot deny how important the gadget is for you, especially if you are a university student. The university life is full of endless tasks, complicated lecturers, a bunch of thick books and formulas. Hence, between your sleepless night and challenging morning, you need some gadget to reduce the problem you find as a university student.

So, gear up your university life with these bunch of cool gadgets a student must have. You might see that some of them are quite incredible and helping that you don’t know they even exist:

1. Backpack with USB Charger

Backpack with USB Charger – gadgets a student must have –

Nothing is more important for the university student than a bag that can bring all the things in time. More tempting than that, this backpack not only has a slot for the notebook but also provide a USB charger to fill your other gadgets’ battery. Made from the strong suede material, the bag can hold the heavy load.

The design is compact and quite universal. Hence, either you are a boy or a girl, this futuristic backpack suits you well. Ready to put this stuff on your new year’s list?

2. Hybrid Notebook: One of The Eco-Friendly Gadgets a Student Must Have

Hybrid Notebook: One of The Eco-Friendly Gadgets a Student Must Have – gadgets a student must have –

Using the conventional way or going paperless? Both are good with this Rocketbook Wave Hybrid Book. You can write on the book just like the old school way, but your writings will be transferred directly to the cloud system. So that you don’t have to be confused on how to keep your note safely.

It is also reusable and eco-friendly. To erase all the note you have written before, you have to microwave it, and all the writings will disappear — such a marvelous way to take the note on your lecture.

3. Powerbank Case

Powerbank Case – gadgets a student must have –

The power bank is an important thing to have if you don’t want to run out of the tablet or phone battery in campus or when you want to hang out with your friends. The regular power bank with the cable can sometimes not practical, so how about the built-in powerbank tablet and phone case?

You have to put your tablet or phone in the case and doing the usual activities there without being bothered on where to put the power bank. If you have any trouble with keeping the power bank cable in good condition, this is also the answer for you.

4. Foldable Keyboard

Foldable Keyboard – gadgets a student must have –

Your tablet and smartphone can help you do the task like making the presentation, paper, or doing some researches. But sometimes, you need a keyboard that can ease you to do those things faster. The usual keyboard for the tablet might be too heavy to bring and not so practical. So, how about using the foldable keyboard?

The foldable keyboard will save the space in your bag and is so light that it won’t burden you. You can also keep it in your jeans pocket.

5. A4 Portable Printer

A4 Portable Printer – gadgets a student must have –

Even though all the things are going online, the printer still holds the important part of the college’s life. Many stores or universities provide cheap or even free printing service, but it will save time if you have your portable printer.

You can bring the A4 portable printer everywhere, and it can help you not only to print the tasks but also scan some papers.

Ready to have a better college life? Those gadgets a student must have are the answers for you!

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