Best Laptop Backpack 2019: The Best Deals to Secure Your Device

High mobility workers always carry a laptop whenever they are on duty. To help them get easier bringing a laptop, a special bag is surely required. Then compared to other models, it’s more practical to have a backpack. A backpack has big capacity and tough substance. Sure, it really can protect your laptop from impact. So, let’s discuss the best laptop backpack 2019!

1. Incase ICON Backpack

Incase ICON Backpack – best laptop backpack 2019 –

Many say if the Incase ICON collection is the best laptop backpack 2019. This bag has a moderate-sized side pocket. It fits for keeping a tablet. Then, the notebook sleeve has been coated with ultra-soft material. And it’s large enough to carry a 15-inch laptop or all sizes of tablets. This bag should be around $226.99.

2. Thule Paramount 24L

Thule Paramount 24L – best laptop backpack 2019 –

This backpack offers excellent laptop protection, which is supported by soft pads. The exterior is also waterproof and solid. Thule Paramount 24L has flexible and simply accessible storage. Providing up to 24 liters of space, it’s compatible with 15-inch laptop. This backpack costs around $129.95 at the market.

3. Herschel Pop Quiz

Herschel Pop Quiz – best laptop backpack 2019 –

Pop Quiz from Herschel Supply Co. is a stylish and robust backpack. This backpack is priced around $60, and it’s compatible with a 15-inch laptop. And most importantly, this bag purchasable in more than 25 colors. Hence, you don’t have any trouble to seek your loved color.

4. eBags Laptop Backpack

This backpack has a large compartment, and it’s completely isolated from each other storage. The laptop sleeve fits up to 17 inches, and it also has a separate tablet sleeve. Besides that, there is diagonal storage in the center compartment. The bag is priced at around $99.99.

5. Everki Beacon

Everki Beacon – best laptop backpack 2019 –

The laptop sleeve can take up to 18 inches. Also, the compartment has an ultra-soft protective material. This bag provides a slot to put the game console, which is suited for a PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii. Furthermore, Beacon is packed with a waterproof cover which can shield the bag from dust, snow, or rain. It’s ready on Amazon with prices starting at $129.99.

6. Timbuk2 Authority Pack

Timbuk2 Authority Pack – best laptop backpack 2019 –

Timbuk2 is famous for its rugged bags. The Authority Pack collection offers a separate and large compartment for a 15-inch laptop. Also, this backpack has two primary pockets. The first pocket is created for keeping shoes, cloth, or drink cans. Then, the second one has an internal organizer for carrying a tablet, charger, or stationery. You can get it for around $129.

7. Osprey Tropos

Osprey Tropos – best laptop backpack 2019 –

Osprey is a famous brand with light outdoor equipment. Even so, you can find Osprey products that are suited for use as work or school bag. The Tropos, for example, is an expensive Osprey backpack that has many amazing features. One of them is a technology called kickstand. This backpack can stand vertically on a horizontal surface. Thus, you don’t need to rely it on the wall or something. Then, the laptop sleeve fits up to 15 inches and has a very soft pad. For this laptop backpack, the price is rather expensive, which is around $150.

So, it is our summary of the best laptop backpack 2019. Who deserves to be called the best?

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