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This is the type of memory in the Smartphone

Posted at June 8th, 2017 | Categorised in Gadget

When anyone asks about a smartphone, many of them are still confusing differences in RAM and ROM. Both types of memory is indeed able to store data, but the type of data is different. So no one about the difference between the two, let’s look at the types of memory in the smartphone below

1. RAM

As with computers, RAM (Random-access Memory) is a type of smartphone memory that serves as a temporary data storage. Because temporarily, so the stored data will not accumulate forever.
RAM will provide power for any application or system. As many apps run, smartphone performance will slow. So the bigger the RAM, the more applications that can run simultaneously

When the smartphone lag because the data in RAM accumulate, simply turn off the smartphone. The data that is in the RAM will be lost once the power outage.

2. ROM

In smartphones, ROM (Read Only Memory) is known as internal memory. Unlike RAM, internal memory is used for storing.
Currently the internal memory of the smartphone ranges from 16 GB and 32 GB, but some are up to 256 GB. The larger the internal memory, the more applications and data that can be stored on the smartphone. Data in the internal memory will not be lost even though the power outage.

3. MicroSD

One of the advantages of Android than the iPhone is still many Android smartphones are equipped memory card slot or external memory. MicroSD slot can increase the memory of the smartphone to be more spacious and freely in storing data.
With the memory card, we can use the internal memory as a media installation of applications and games. While MicroSD can be allocated for photos or video. Currently, with Adoptable Storage feature in Android Marshmallow, we can change the external memory into internal memory to increase smartphone memory.

Just like MicroSD, USB OTG serves as an additional data storage medium. But our smartphone must already support USB OTG. With USB OTG, we can easily read the data stored on the flash on a smartphone without having to transfer data via computer.