This is the Health Application on Android For Health Careers

If you are a health care person, you need to install a health app on Android. Let’s see the app.

Health is one of the important things that you should pay attention to. Now along with the growing technology, you can get health consultation from mobile phone.


One of them through health applications on Android. It’s so easy, eh? Try installing some of the following health applications to keep your health practical, easy and economical.

Do you want to be healthy or consult but have no free time? Try installing some health apps on this android to take care of your health.

1. DoctorBabe

This application is great for you who want to get a full discussion about health. In this app, you can also consult about various health and fitness issues.

So, you do not need to go to the doctor directly if a while experiencing health problems. However, you also should not rule out the existence of a health clinic that is around you.

In addition can be used to discuss various kinds of health problems, babe doctors can also for other things you know. Dokterbabe can give you all sorts of tips to lead a healthy life. Certainly this healthy life tips are tailored to the lifestyle of Indonesian society. Very interesting, is not it?

2. Nike Boom

Do you want to exercise but the spirit is still up and down? Well, if this is done continuously instead can be a bad habit. Try installing this Nike Boom app on your android phone.

In this health application you will get the spirit with the music. In addition, you will also be guided by the existing athletes. Does not this sound very fun?

3. Calorie Counter

Have you ever been worried about your caloric intake in your body? Sometimes excessive calorie intake will make your weight not awake and trigger the onset of obesity.

Try to install this app as your companion in calculating your calorie intake and maintaining your weight. In this application there are also diet calendars, the number of calories burned, calendar and calorie intake is very useful.

4. Soleil Organics

One of the health applications on android that you deserve to try is Soleil Organics. Through this app, you can define the original organic food label instead. So, by installing this app you need not hesitate to consume organic foods that can nourish the body.

5. Instant Heart Rate Pro

Many people who have interference with the health of heart organs. This application allows you to detect the performance and heart health. After installing this app, you just put your fingertips on the smartphone camera. After that will appear automatically your heart rate. Very easy and practical, right?

6. iTriage Health

Through this application, you can make a diagnosis of the symptoms of the disease experienced. This app also comes with a very interesting look because it contains many very good pictures.

7. Pocket Doctor

You often experience symptoms of illness? Immediately consult through Pocket Doctor application to detect your disease. In addition can be used to detect the disease, this application was also able to be used to search for health terms, you know.

Very interesting is not it? This application is also great for you who want to know and calculate the balance of weight and height.

8. ePocrates

Through this application, you can get accurate information about medicines. You can use this application to maintain health. This application is commonly used by doctors in the United States to provide drug reference to the public.

9. Backpacker GPS Trails

Do you like running sports? Install this app to increase your running sport to be more effective. Through this health application, you can track the desired path.

besides, through this app, you can record track of running sport. So, from day to day you will be more excited to break the record running the previous day.

That’s some health applications you need to download if you want to live a healthy life. Well, it proved, in addition to the affairs of communication, social networking, and grants, smartphones are also beneficial for health right?

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