Is True Linux Faster than Windows?

Most of us must use a laptop or computer that is installed Windows operating system. However, do you know any other good operating system besides Windows? One of them is Linux. But, is it true that Linux is faster than Windows?

Through this article we explain whether Linux is true faster than Windows. So, you can consider which operating system is suitable for our computer.


Many are questioning whether Windows is still losing fast from Linux. However, the reality is that Linux is faster than Windows. Then, why Linux can be claimed if it is faster than Windows?

1. Kernel

The first element why Linux can be claimed faster than Windows is because of the difference from its kernel design. That’s the big reason why Linux wins from Windows. Linux has a monolithic kernel, which means it holds every core function required by the OS, such as drivers, memory management, task scheduling, and file system.

2. Have Good Compatibility

One of the reasons Linux is faster than Windows is that Linux has good compatibility with various hardware. We see operating systems like Windows 7 or Windows 8. The OS takes at least 1GB of RAM to run properly. Meanwhile, Linux is a lightweight OS and does not take up large system memory capacity.

3. Small Linux Software

As mentioned above, Linux is lightweight then the software it uses is also lightweight. This is what makes Linux so much faster than Windows. While most Windows software have a relatively large ukurang, so heavy when operated.

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