Here are 6 Best Smartphone Manufacture Countries in Asia

Mobile devices continue to grow, where the market now. Making us more difficult to choose a new smartphone, stacking this is actually a really good thing.

The untapped competition of vendors competes to bring the best innovation and technology. Almost every week, there are vendors who release new smartphones. And countries make the smartphone from anywhere? Launched from Androidauthority, here are 6 countries the best smartphone maker and the largest in the world.


1. China
China became the main smartphone maker. Cheap labor and raw materials at cheap prices, make a lot. Of the 17 rare earth materials, 16 riding is needed to produce smartphones. China produces 95 percent of the earth’s rare earths, as India’s comparison only makes 2.5 percent and the United States only 13 percent. Not to mention, China became the country’s best smartphone maker.

It could be a vendor for vendors like Apple, China also has a local brand that has been worldwide. Call it Huawei, Oppo, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Meizu, and ZTE.

2. Japan
Many cutting-edge technologies are born in Japan. Although many electronics companies in Japan, Japan still has a strong technology and manufacturing industry. The largest smartphone manufacturer in Japan today is Sony, which is known through its Xperia line and the latest is Xperia X.

3. South Korea
The country in East Asia, clearly the country’s best smartphone maker that can compete with China and Japan, especially about technological innovation.

Clearly one of the keys is Samsung’s success which is now the king of smartphones. Although for Samsung production also began to rely on outsourcing manufacturing, more than 50 percent of Samsung smartphone production is in Vietnam. By comparison, production in his hometown has fallen by only 8 percent.

Not only Samsung, LG is also a technology giant and this is still a Samsung rival that should be noted.

4. India
India itself is one of the largest smartphone market, many smartphone vendors focus on sales in this Bollywood Affairs. A few years ago, the Indian government began to promote the program Made In India, more or less like the Level of Domestic Content aka TKDN in Indonesia. The goal is to encourage national and international businesses to manufacture smartphone products in India to improve.

This even the vendor vendors want will want to want the factory can sell its smartphone products. Several vendors have been seriously reaching Xiaomi, Huawei, and Lenovo / Motorola. Because of this, India’s beliefs will soon become a center of mobile technology power from the eastern world, possibly even rivaling China. In 2015 alone, India receives foreign investment with a staggering amount of US $ 63 billion.

5. Taiwan
Taiwan is also one of the technology centers of Asia, which is a birthplace like Acer, ASUS, and HTC. However once Zenfone has been well received in the market, ASUS still has production on a small scale.

The more surprising HTC smartphone production is only in Taiwan and small size in India. But, HTC has started busy two Google Nexus devices next, the leak called “Marlin” and “Sailfish”.

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