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Do not Do It If You Do not Want Your Laptop To Be Damaged

Posted at June 8th, 2017 | Categorised in Tips & Trick

Nowadays laptops have become the goods that are needed to support the daily work. Although now many owned, but there are still many users who do not pay attention to the state of their laptop so that the laptop vulnerable damaged.

In fact, a laptop is a perishable item if not treated. Noteworthy from the laptop is cleanliness, how to laying, how to use, and so forth. Therefore, the following we provide tips to keep the laptop so as not to be damaged quickly.

1. Do not Put Laptop Save on Mattress
Habit is often done by people who want to watch a movie while lying down. Actually this will make the laptop hot fast until the worst case is the laptop died because of overheat.
The reason could be because the air holes under the laptop are covered by sheets or other uneven surfaces. Place the laptop on a hard surface like a desk, so that the air circulation inside the laptop runs well.

2. Do not Open the Screen From the side
Actually this way is not too dangerous, but if opened from the side, then the long-term effect is the hinges will be broken. The correct way is our hands open right in the middle or above the camera, so the pedestal is right on both hinges.
If we open from the right or left side, then the opening pedestal is more burdened on one hinge, to cause the broken hinge in the future.

3. Do not Let Dust Pile Up on Keyboard
If dust accumulates on the keyboard and the dust enters the bottom of the keyboard, it can cause the keys to malfunction.
If not fatal, stay cleaned with a brush, it will return to normal function. But if it is severe, then the only way is to replace it.

4. Do not Put Heavy Goods on the Screen
This laptop screen is vulnerable to damage. If you step on just a little, the screen will likely be damaged. Therefore, do not put heavy items on the laptop screen, because it can cause the LCD crack.

5. Do not Be Used Too Old
Laptop is a machine. However, the engine was actually needed rest. Therefore, if the use of more than 3 hours, especially if used for playing games, it would be nice if the first rested a lapse of some time, so that the machine does not overheat that causes excessive heat in the laptop.

That’s the 5 things to avoid so that our laptop is not easily damaged. Of course there are many other tips that we will share later.

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