5 Not Most Useful Hero in Mobile Legends (Season 7)

This time Lewat.in will tell you about five hero Mobile Legends that are not useful in season 7. Check out the complete Lewat.in review here!

In the new season prefix, of course there will be new things again in Mobile Legends, like new heroes that have not been or have been released previously. However, do not be too interested in the heroes, because we do not know whether they will still be good or even just not useful in season 7. Kan really love if we’ve bought it even hero is not useful.


As you already know that getting battle points and diamonds is not something easy and instant. That will surely be very meaningless if you use to buy hero but the hero is not even as you wish. Well, this time Lewat.in will tell you about five hero Mobile Legends that are not useful in season 7. Check out the complete Lewat.in review here!
5 Most Useful Hero in Mobile Legends (Season 7)

1. vexana

Did you know that from the beginning vexana be a very rare hero played? Even today Vexana is still a quiet hero. The reason may be because Vexana has a less good skill and a good loss from other hero mage. Of course in this season 7 Vexana will be a hero that is not suitable for use alias less effective.

That’s because Vexana has a skill that spelled out a gig. There are some weaknesses owned by Vexana, one of which is a fairly thin armor, although actually there are also some best skills in Vexana.

2. Hylos

The second is Hylos. Hylos is a tank hero in Mobile Legends which, according to Lewat.in, is another hero who is still a good defender, and less effective. Indeed there are some unique capabilities such as the ability to slow the movement of the opponent or stun. However, Hylos has a serious disadvantage that is on a second skill that requires a fairly large one every second.

Not only that, even Hylos’s armor was quite thin, berbada with other tank hero. Of course this makes it less effective and becomes a useful hero in season 7.

3. Helcurt

Helcurt is also one of the most useless heroes in season 7. Helcurt is a hero assassin capable of generating massive damage through both skills. In addition, Helcurt can also get movement speed that is quite large.

But behind it all, unfortunately there are some things that make it to be ineffective, ranging from endurance that somewhat less good and also easy to die when being opposed to the class of fighter hero.

4. Argus

The next hero is Argus. Argus is often regarded as the most deadly hero and hard to beat. It’s true, Argus is a very powerful fighter hero. His notorious ability is immune to five seconds of attack by his enemies. Although from the beginning it has been assumed a good response alias, many possibilities Argus will be a useless hero in season 7.

Hero Argus is actually not much different from other fighter hero and arguably not as strong as we think without ultimate it has. In addition, Argus also has a movement that is still less agile than other heroes. If the attack is so close, it is certain that Argus will be very difficult to escape, and it will also be very easy to target by his opponent. Of course this is something very serious and can make you lose.

5. Pharsa

Pharsa is a Mobile Legends hero mage with fairly thin armor. Of course you know for sure what the big problem is if the hero has a thin armor. In addition, Pharsa also has skills that are not useful in the team.

If we look through the ultinya, different again the story. Pharsa is very superior to it, namely the ability of ulti capable of producing high damage and duration long enough, and cooldown is fairly short.

Pharsa has a very wide range of ultimate skills. It’s just a skill some of this hero skill spelled out nanggung and worse again Pharsa is not a cheap hero. So it’s better to buy other heroes who have better skills than to waste money to buy less useful heroes.

That’s the 5 most unfortunate legends mobile in season 7. As Lewat.in mentioned above that finding battle points and diamonds is not something easy and requires a business. So if you do not want your achievements wasted, better consider first before buying a hero.

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